The book that I would like to talk about is “A Basketball All-Star.” This book is just a guide to Beginners and how to play basketball and to succeed in the sport. It also helps people to improve them on their dribbling, shooting, determination and sportsmanship. The goes from step by step to becoming a […]

The book that I would like to talk about is a non-fiction called “World History.” This is talking about the key events and some of them are: Ancient Egypt, Mummies, Vikings, Ancient Rome  and much more. This book is very informative and gives a lot of fun and interesting facts about the key events. My […]

From the book “Once” I can tell that Felix has a good upbringing. This is because his parents have sent him to an orphanage and this tells me that his parents have basically saved his life. In addition, what I could explore is that his parents have taught him well in good imaginary skills. Plus, […]

Horror stories are stories that have to be scary or quite scary and they should make us feel suspense and make us ask questions. My class and I have looked at a horror story by Anthony Horowitz and the name of the story is the man in the yellow face. The title doesn’t sound like […]

On an ordinary Wednesday morning, there was and 13 year old boy who was always bullied in school because he wore glasses and people called him Nerdy Ferby. So one day he went to a small,old comic store to get his favourite comic store to get his favourite horror book that had zombies, monsters, disgusting giant insects and creepy dolls, that are so scary that you wouldn’t want to look at. So while he was listening listen to music he bought the comic. However, the shopkeeper was warning him about the book but Ferby did hear a word he was saying. He just took the book and went home.                                                    

So while he was reading he went to a page and read about  Creepsy the doll and when he finished the page… The door creaked. Nerves where stinging his skin. Suddenly a creepy doll with knitting marks around his head and body, creepy hands that have 3 fingers and approached slowly towards the bed. Ferby was screaming and what he did was that he ripped the page of the doll and threw it in the bin . Suddenly. It disappeared and Ferby was relieved and went back to sleep. However, it was a nightmare.Or was it…

The next day Ferby woke up and walked to school nervously as if it was a haunted mansion. Strolling along, the bully walked up to Ferby and quickly took the comic out of his bag without Ferby noticing. ‘LUNCHTIME!!!!’ shouted the kids as the bell rang. As Ferby walked towards the lunch hall he saw the bully reading his comic. Ferby acted quickly and ran towards him by shouting STOP! STOP! But it was too late. It all went silent. Mysterious creatures started to approach towards the kids. It was zombies with terrifying faces. Everyone started screaming and exiting the school buildings. Ferby nervously looked at the zombies and he slowly turned around to look for the comic. Arggggh!! Shouted the zombies and Ferby ran quickly to get the book and he immediately ripped the page and the zombies disappeared. “Phew!”said Ferby relieved.

Quickly Ferby ran home because he didn’t want to be in school alone. As he was running the book fell out of his bag and landed on a page, with a doll that can turn into a human.The only way for her to stay as a human is by touching people in the arm and when she lets go the person that she touched turns into a doll. Strolling across the pavement was a year 11. He stopped. Found the comic. Picked  it up. Went home reading the page about the doll. When Ferby went home he changed to his clothes and went to his bag and was about to throw his comic in the river. However His book wasn’t in his bag. Ahhhh!! There was a screaming 3 houses away. Ferby quickly ran out of the house and ran towards the screaming. The door was fully open a creepy doll was limping out of the door and was wanting to grab his arm. Quickly the Ferby picked up the comic for on the ground and ripped the whole book.It all went silent.

There was no more trouble in there again. Or was there. There was still on more page. Waiting to  be read…


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My favourite character from Once is Felix. This is because he is the main character and is extremely funny in the historic book. Not to mention that, he is very naive and childish and doesn’t understand about how horrible and cruel the Germans were with the Jewish people. Now to consider he is also heroic […]

When I was about 9 years old, my mum told me a story about my great grandfather, who was in World War One and Two and how he saved thousands of people from Poland. So it started off when my grand father was in the house in the basement and how he was listening on […]

Dear Jackie Chan,                          Hi. My name is Amir and I am 11 years old. I go to this amazing and sporty school, which is called the London Nautical school, and it is near Waterloo station. I live near Paddington station, which is in the west of London. I am a huge fan of yours and hope that […]

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